Call for Papers

Call for Papers for Volume V

Topic: Myths and Legends

The forthcoming issue of Colloquium – the peer-reviewed multilingual, multidisciplinary journal of the Arts section (with ISSN), The Bhawanipur Education Society College, available in both print and online versions, invites original scholarly papers on the following subject area: Myths and Legends.

Concept Note:

The existence of humankind may be studied as a narrative in gradually evolving interactions between Nature and Culture. Myths and legends form an integral part in the understanding of culture and the plurality of discourses emerging thereof. History, politics, sociology, language,  literature and in recent times, even media as components of perpetuating the saga of human lives have all had their own role to play in creation, propagation, interrogation and at times, even subversion, of myths and legends surrounding human lives through the past ages.

The present Volume of Colloquium tends to explore the scholarly dimensions of myths and legends from a multidisciplinary, multilingual perspective.

Papers and articles related to (but not limited to) any of the following aspects are invited:

  • Historicity of myths and legends
  • Cultural manifestations of myths and legends
  • De/constructing narratives in myths and legends
  • Political evaluation of myths and legends
  • Regional specifications and variations in mythological representations
  • Media and the propagation of the myths and legends
  • Myths and legends as representations of cultural homo/ heterogeneity
  • Relevance of myths in the era of globalization
  • Retelling myths as glocal constructs

Any other approach is welcome. However, the paper should refrain from mere discussion of known myths and legends. All the papers will be peer reviewed before being accepted.

Please note:

  • The word limit for the articles should be around 2500-3000.
  • Articles should be submitted as MS Word attachment: Font – Times New Roman (size 12), Spacing: Double.
  • Notes and References: MLA Stylesheet (7th edition)
  • The last date for submission of articles is 30th July 2018
  • Articles may be mailed to: