Submission Guidelines

Submission Fees

We do not impose any kind of fee on the contributors.

Submission Process

Where to Send
Please send your papers to


File Types:
We process the following doc (text) and image files:

  • Text formats: Ms Word 97—2007, Open Office Documents.
  • Image format: Jpeg.

Format of the Articles:
All submissions must strictly follow MLA Stylesheet 7.  The word limit for the articles should not exceed 2500-3000.

Languages: English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi

Visual Images
All kinds of visual images should be treated as ‘Figures’, and if possible, contributors are requested to present the figures in hyperlinked state.
Contributors should note that they should get, before submission, the permission from the concerned person or authority for reproducing the visual images. We will not remain responsible for any kind of copyright violation on the part of the authors.

Declarations by Contributor/s:

The contributor/s will have to sign a declaration and send us scanned copies of the same after acceptance of article concerning:

  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
  • Authenticity of the research work
  • Claim of authorship
  • Plagiarism

Peer Review

The Process:

We follow a strict blind reviewing of the submitted works. We promise to conceal always the identity of both the reviewers and the contributor from both parties. Primarily the submitted articles will be considered by the editors for the confirmation of the standard and the scope of the journal. If any submitted article fails to fulfill primary standard, the same will be rejected and the author will be communicated. If the editors are satisfied, they will select reviewers for detailed consideration of the articles. Receipt of works is acknowledged as soon as possible (within 3 days). If you do not get any reply, resend the mail.

Review Time: We do NOT have any system for fast or rapid review nor do we encourage it. Decision on a submitted article along with reviewers’ comments will be communicated to the author within 3 months. Authors should not send any query before the period is over.


  • Every scholar submitting a thesis, dissertation, term papers, reports or any other such documents to the HEI shall submit an undertaking indicating that the document gas been prepared by him or her and that the document is his / her original work and free of any plagiarism.
  • The HEI shall develop a policy on plagiarism and get it approved by the Internal Advisory Committee.
  • The similarity checks for plagiarism shall exclude the following:
  1. All quoted work either falling under public domain or reproduced with all necessary permission and/or attribution.
  2. All references, bibliography, table of content, preface and acknowledgements.
  3. All small similarities of minor nature.
  4. All generic terms, laws, standard symbols and standards equations.
  • The core work carried out by the student, faculty, staff and research shall be based on original ideas and shall be covered by Zero Tolerance Policy on Plagiarism. In case Plagiarism is established in the core work claimed then Plagiarism Disciplinary Authority (PDA) of the HEI shall impose maximum penalty.

The core work shall include abstract, summary, hypothesis, observations, results, conclusions and recommendations.

  • If any member of the academic community suspects with appropriate proof that a case of plagiarism has happened in any document he or she shall report it to the competent / designated authority for a due action to be taken.